The Shire of Glenn Linn

This is the official calendar of the Shire of Glenn Linn. On it you will find posted information about our practices, meetings, events and activities as well as the officially posted activities of our neighbors and other groups within the region. Please note that this is an aggregated calendar that pulls the information from various other calendars. Please check with each specific group to verify any activity listed.



Society years are counted from the founding of the SCA in 1966 with New Year's Day being May 1st, the anniversary of the original May Day Tournament in Berkeley, California from which the Society sprang. Typically, Roman numerals are used to express the Society year, with the usual notation for the Society year being along the lines of A.S. XXXIV (or Anno Societatis XXXIV). Since the first year of the Society was numbered I, each anniversary of the Society comes at the end of the like-numbered year. Hence, the SCA's 50th anniversary will fall on May 1st, A.S. LI (2016 C.E.), not May 1st, A.S. L (2015).

The common form of Roman numbering uses letters in the Roman alphabet as numerals which represent numbers from 1 to 1000. The individual letters and their values are:

[ I ]

= One


[ V ]

= Five


[ X ]

= Ten


[ L ]

= Fifty


[ C ]

= One Hundred


[ D ]

= Five Hundred


[ M ]

= One Thousand


A Roman numeral can contain one each of V, L, and D, and up to four each of I, X, and C. In general, Roman numerals are written in order of decreasing character value from left to right, and the value of a Roman number is the sum of all of the individual characters which make it up. Thus, MCCXXVIII represents 1000+200+20+5+3 or 1228.

However, subtraction is used in some cases to shorten the Roman number. When a character falls just before one of a larger value, the smaller value is subtracted from the larger while finding the total value. Only certain standard pairs of subtracted values are widely accepted:

[ IV ]

= Four


[ IX ]

= Nine


[ XL ]

= Forty


[ XC ]

= Ninety


[ CD ]

= Four Hundred


[ CM ]

= Nine Hundred


The subtracted pair will follow any larger value, so that 19 is written XIX and 1400 is written MCD Modern usage prefers such standard pairs for brevity, but period usage includes creating Roman numbers only by addition, so that both IIII and IV are acceptable representations for 4, and LXXXX and XC are acceptable representations for 90.



The table below shows the A.S. society years and the C.E. current era years they corrospond with. Remember that each society year runs from May 1st to April 30th and spand parts of two C.E. years.