The Shire of Glenn Linn

This Domesday Book is part of the historical record of the Shire of Glenn Linn. It attempts to collect and list all individuals, both past and present, who have been active and participating members of the shire. All individuals are listed by persona name alphabetically, without any of the titles or honors they earned. If you or someone you know of should either be included or removed from this list, please contact the Chronicler and advise them of the proposed inclusion or exclusion. Include the reason for the change and any necessary information.



Gallery of Current Members


Andra Leigh of Glenn Linn

Arnleif the Red

Brynjolf Josson

Duncan Fletcher

Esperanza Zamora DeLaquava

Evazia of Aujum

Hrotger of Aujum

Isaac Gageson

Lisabetta vedova di Alessandro

Odelrik of Aujum

Rosabella De Corvis

Saffir Weaver

Serafina Della Torre

Serafina Della Torre

Tomas An Bhogha O Neill

Wilhelm Un Bergrekkr

Willian O'Donovan of Monmouth called Liam



List of Alumni

TSense the first thought given to creating a shire back in 1988, up to the present day, many individuals have called Glenn Linn home. Some spent many years helping build and grow the shire while others came and went far too briefly. All have in one way or another contributed to what Glenn Linn is today, because a shire is less a geographic location and more a heritage of the people who have made it strong. Because of this, we wish to recognize, honor and thank all of those who have come before us and upon whose legacy we continue to grow.

Aegund (Brett Sheldon)
Albrecht Morgenstern (Dawson)
Alethea Eastriding, Countess (C. Allison Hewett)
Aline Ankyrmayden Kinear, Lady (Allison Menday)
Angilino (Stephen Nallie)
Anlon Find Mac Robartaigh (Leah Leibacher)
Argunther (Kory Williams)
Armand (Mondy Barrera)
Armorel (Beth McAllister)
Asgar "Bloodbrand" Rolgson, Lord (fka: Reonoulf) (Dan Haley)
Attila (Mike Vasquez)
Bjorn Curlybeard (Peter Gross)
Brenna Aine Bisset, Lady (Joy Prue)
Brian of the Blackhawk (Peter Garvey)
Bridgit Katherine Fitzgerald (Heather Moss)
Caena (fka: Persephone the white) (Michelle Ross)
Celeste LeFleur (Linda Hunsdon)
Charlton du Rill (Charles "Chip" Doty)
Connor Asgarson (Connor Haley)
Corbie Mackenzie (Jenna Woginrich)
Corgon (Randy Bevins)
Corin, Lord (Doug Jones)
Crispin, Lord (Chris Fitzgerald)
Christoph Von Gorik (Mike Timko)
Dafydd Whitebeard (David Lohnes)
Dain Bjornsson (Dain G. Gross)
Daud Ibn Kin (fka: Dragonskin) (David Long)
Decan de Chatillion (fka: Ko'Val Varinov) (Timothy Bruhns)
Deo McTaran (Brian Mendoza)
Di Francisco De (Tony Wright)
Drako Corgonson (Randy Bevins Jr.)
Dresden Pennello di Quadro Voce, Mistress (Joan Martinelli)
Sabd ingen Domnaill (Cie McCullough)
Eadric (Jonathon Parrish)
Earnan (Erik Searles)
Emma McTaran, Lady (Lisa Mendoza)
Eragon (Brett Harrington's son)
Feng Huang Long (Patrick Herlihy)
Fionnait Alann inghean Dhauìdh (Linda Chesney)
Freighter Oakenshield (Tom Leonbruno)
Freygerdr in storrada Halladóttir, Lady (Jennifer Haley)
Frieda Ravenlocks, Lady (Freda Weber)
Ganzo Asgarson (Gavin Haley)
Gavin von Abendroth, Lord (Adam Strong)
Giovanni (Mike Giovanni)
GráinneInghean Ui Shochlachain (Laura Lynn Mundy)
Hywell ("goose" fka: Decimus) (Tom Gosselin)
Ian MacDonald (Tom Willingham)
Isabella (Anna Rose Johnson)
Isenbart Ironsparks, Lord (Michael Poll)
Jeanne die Spinnerin (Jean Long)
John Gage Ormsby (Jon Bushey)
Julien Decourchelle (Adam Fromm)
Kato Corgonson (Kelsey Bevins)
Katsu (Nick Mundy)
Ketilfastr Thorkilson "Ketil" ( Jason Melchert)
Klubba Bjornsson (Mace W. Gross)
Leo McTaran (Allen Bapp)
Leod O'Skye, Lord (Roger Bingler)
Leonete D'Angely (Nicole Toscano)
Lisette Fournier (Sarah Adamson)
Lleucu ferch Robert (Kris Nusskern)
Lorin of the Dual Masque, Lady (Lori Daniels)
Mathgamain O'Brien, Sir (Brian Kennedy)
Michael of the Water (Dan Duford)
Moreta atte Birchwode, Lady (Kim Jones)
Muirgen Ingen Faolan (Joanne Mason)
Neil (Jared Dunkley)
Nickoli Vaderov (Derek Bevins)
Oran Fayne (fka: Fayne Teagartha) (Dan Nusskern)
Pedric (Pete Haley)
Perenelle (Brett Harrington)
Raedwulf Asgarson (Rael Haley)
Raghnil de Sawley, Lady (fka: Ratburc Castus) (Jennifer Melchert)
Raven MacNeil (Sharlotte Lohret)
Robyn of Freehold, Lady (Kate Robyn Parant)
Ronan, Lord (David Hunt)
Rowena nic Dhonnchaidh, Lady (Pamela Boynton)
Roynan Stonedune (Jaime Robichard)
Rudiger (Dave Schneider)
Rudiger der Burgunfaust (William??)
Sabd (Cie McCullough)
Seamus Maguidhir, Lord (Pete Keenan)
Shera, Lady (Sherrie House)
Siofra of Glenn Linn, Lady (Nissa Armstrong-Poll)
Stephano (Todd Andrews)
Synthal of the Sands, Lady (Cynthia Booker-Bingler)
Talon Shadowloch (Dave Linehan)
Talorc McTaran, Lord (Vance Allen Bapp)
Tetsunoskae Ichimaura, Lord (Brent Bovee)
Timothy Fellinwell (Chris Apple)
Ulfr Steinsson, Lord (Carl Spaulding)
Uust MacSkelton, Lord (Josh Skelton)
Valdimarr Thorsbane, Lord (Ralph Broadie)
Wilfryd of Morganvale (John Gillin)
Yric Carilse, Lord (Lou Allen)

Please advise us of any corrections or additions that should be made to this list by contacting the Shire Web Minister.