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Glenn Linn shield
Glenn Linn shield

One of the quaint affectations to be found in the SCA is the idea that everyone is considered to be of noble birth and, like most cultures of the actual middle ages (but not necessarily all cultures the SCA covers), everyone has a rank in the societies hierarchical social structure, with some people being lower in rank than others. Sadly, as a "newbie", you are at the very bottom. Now of course you may think to yourself "I'm no social climber" and go to great lengths to avoid ever attending a court (see below) or being in the presence of those who can only see you beyond the tip of their upturned noses (you are, after all, of lower rank). But alas, despite your best efforts, a time will come when some brass-hat wearing dandy will leap out from a bush directly in your path and possibly throw up on the only shoes you brought for the weekend or a crown bedecked lady will stumble from the porta-john you are waiting to enter and likely wipe her unwashed hands upon you only tunic or you may awake from a snooze in a formerly empty hall to discover you are in the middle of court and they are calling your name (as opposed to simply calling you names). At such a time you will be doing yourself a favor by at least having a passing acquaintance with the proper forms and etiquette for just such an occurrence (just because you are a lowly slob does not mean you need to act like one!) So in the words of the inestimable bard; "Get on with it!"

Glenn Linn shield

It Aint So Bad At The Bottom
Enjoy your time on the first stepping stone of the Societies social ladder. Little is expected of you other then cheerful participation and much can be forgiven; Simply try not to be a schnook and you will do fine. But remember, as discussed previously, the SCA considers all of it's members, even day one walk-ins, to be of noble birth. This means that everyone starts off with one foot already astride the gilded path. Even if you want to be a peasant, serf, schmoe or schlub, by society standards you will be a noble schlub, schmoe, serf etc. Because of this one fact, the one point of etiquette you should endeavor to become familiar with as soon as possible is the proper manner in which to address others.

Common courtesy dictates that all individuals who have no titles or rank be addressed as "M'Lord" or "M'Lady" or even "good gentles" when in a mixed group. If you are addressing strangers or other individuals and are unaware or uncertain of their station, it is considered polite to also simply address them as "M'Lord" or "M'Lady" and allow them to correct you should they choose to. In addition, it is also permissible, and never really hurts, to simply ask "How may I call you?"

Knights White Belt

Knighthoods are awarded by the Crown, and are decided upon through a vote of all the Chivalry. Only a knight can make a knight. Only knights may wear a white belt, gold chain, and gold spurs. Knights should be addressed as "Sir" or "Dame".

A Laurel

The Order of the Laurel is the highest level of recognition for Arts and Sciences a member can receive. Its symbol is a laurel, which recipients wear on pins, medallions, or other items. Recipients of the award should be addressed as "Master" or "Mistress."

A Pelican

The Order of the Pelican is the highest award given for service to the Society. It's symbol is a pelican in its piety. Individuals who receive this award should be referred to as "Master" or "Mistress." They can be identified by a pin, medallion, or other item depicting the pelican.