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The Cascadian is the official newsletter of the Shire of Glenn Linn. The very first edition was published in November of 1988, even before Glenn Linn was an official SCA Shire. It was initially published on a monthly bases, and that practice was followed for several years. As time passed and the Shire shrank and expanded, loosing some members and gaining new, the Cascadian became a seasonal, a quarterly, a bi-monthly and even an infrequent publication. Regardless of the publication schedule, this news letter has remained a constant over the life of the Shire, even when it has disappeared for a year or three, it is always reborn with a new edition under new guidance and with a fresh appeal.

Like all news letters, the Cascadian has and hopes to continue containing interesting articles and "how to" tutorials, information on both local & Kingdom events, copies of officer's reports, meeting minutes from the Shire's business meetings, shire curia (contact information for all of the officers), and other information such as photo, event reports, letters of intent for open offices, and anything else that has value to the shire members.

We would like to publish the best newsletter in the Kingdom, but to do so, we need you to contribute Articles, Photos, Poetry, Prose, Humor, Artwork and anything else that comes to mind. If you would like more information on contributing to the Cascadian, please Click Here.

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Archive of Past Edditions

Due to the hard work of our Chroniclers over the years and the diligence of past and present members, we are able to present an almost complete collection of every Cascadian produced by the Shire from its inception in 1988 through our most recent edition. While there have been years where no Cascadian was published, there were far more years when it was. The presence of these news letters, especially the earliest volumes, provide a very special window onto our past that documents the birth, growth and continuation of the Shire.

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