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Great Northern Thyng









Aside from our Northern University A&S Classes we have some additional classes, meetings and activities that should prove of interest.




Assembly Hall

EK Brewers Guild Meet & Greet
EK Brewers Guild
Come and meet the EK Brewers Guild. Find out what we do and how you can become involved.

Assembly Hall

Great Northern Thyng Brewing Competition
Zilliah Al-Sighira al-Hurra
All brewers are invited to participate in the Great Norther Thyng Bru-ha-ha! The categories that will be available for competition are:
Division 1: Ales, Beer, Braggot, Lambic, Stout
Division 2: Mead, Hydomel, Melomel, Metheglins
Division 3: Cider, Cyser, Perry, Pyment
All entries must include an ingredients list at a minimum. No allergic reactions during competition please! Entries must also be identified in some way to permit scoring. Everyone who enters the competition also judges the competition (this includes their own entry!) Each beverage entered will be evaluated on the following criteria: Documentation, Presentation, Appearance, Aroma, Flavor, Body and Overall impression. Even if you have never judged in a brewing contest before don't worry, we'll train you.

Idavoll Sport Field
- South -
(1:30 - 3 PM)

Markland Recreation Fighting [CANCELLED]
Teacher: William Marlow
The Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia is a non-profit historical educational organization that developed indipendently of the SCA but along a parallel course. Having a history almost as long as the East Kingdom, Markland operates mostly from the Virginias through the New York City area.

Like the SCA, One of Markland's most popular and visible activities is combat. However, unlike the SCA, combat in Markland takes two forms: Re-creation or "rec" ("Fake fighting with real weapons"), and Fratricidal or "frat" ("Real fighting with fake weapons").

Come join Master Marlow for an introduction and overview of Marklands Recreational Fighting, a style of staged combat using historically accurate garb, armor, and weapons focused around the Battle is Hastings of 1066.

Idavoll Sport Field
- North -
(3 - 5 PM)

Teacher: Jim Baker
Glima is the Norse word for wrestling. Wrestling has been used as one of the standard forms of warrior training though out history for hundreds of cultures. Norse wrestling has several variations of wrestling, from a modern form of belt wrestling, to a brutal MMA style, to a friendly sport style. Our introduction to Glima will be the Loose-grip style.

Individuals who take the class or who have taken it previously with Coach Baker (and with his approval) will be able to participate in some friendly competition after the class.

Rules to Participate
Surrounding glima is a code of honor called drengskapur that calls for fairness, respect for and caring about the security of one's training partners. Safe training is paramount. Please leave any bravado or attitude off the field. This is a beginner class, so please identify and training you have.

- All participants must be aware that period clothing, simple tunic and breeches are encouraged, but not mandatory. Clothing will get dirty, stained and possibly ripped. Modern sweats and tee shirts are permitted.
- No jewelry, belts or buckles are allowed to be worn by participants.
- All participants must have shortened and filed fingernails and long hair must be secured.

Assembly Hall

EK Brewers Guild Round Tables
EK Brewers Guild
Do you need help, input or suggestions on brewing? Do not want to enter a competition but would like to get an opinion on your latest creation? Stop by the round tables for some friendly feedback.

Assembly Hall

The Great Northern Thyng Moot
Shire of Glenn Linn
Please join us in the assembly hall as we recognize those who contributed to making the Thyng a success and we hand out the prizes for the various competitions throughout the day (including our fabulous, attendance based door prizes).


Teen & Tween Hang Out
In the evening our hospitality area becomes the place for Teens and Tweens to hang out together, play games, charge their electronic devices and enjoy some snacks and beverages. Tables and electricity are available for use.

Mead Hall

Family Friendly Comedy Bard Competition
Krishna Alexandra & Lauren Treidel
Have a funny song, story, poem or other performance piece that is family friendly? Want to win some really cool prizes? Come compete in our Family Friendly Comedy Bard Competition. You an even bring the little ones!


Teens Only Hang Out
After 8pm the Hangout is only open to the teens on site, the younger kids should return to camp. The amenities remain the same however. Teens can hang out together, play games, charge their electronic devices and enjoy some snacks and beverages. Tables and electricity are available for use.

Assembly Hall

Period Dance & Instruction
William Bornander
Come join our Dance Master and other like minded individuals to enjoy and evening of dance. Instruction will be provided where needed. Enjoy your old favorites and perhaps learn some new favorites as well.

Game Field

Fire, Drum Circle and Tribal Dance
At Your Discretion
The communal fire will be lit and all are welcome to come enjoy its warmth and the companionship of your friends. Bring your drum if you have one and lets try and make the largest drum circle the North East has ever seen...and, if the beat of a drum inspires you to dance, well, we won’t stop you. Everyone is invited.

Mead Hall

Adults Only Comedy Bard Competition
Krishna Alexandra & Lauren Treidel
Have a funny song, story, poem or other performance piece that is NOT family friendly or fit for children? Well fear not, you can still win some cool prizes if you compete in our Adults Only Comedy Bard Competition. Leave the little ones at home!




Assembly Hall

A Demonstration of Eastern Dance
EK College of Performers
Come and relax at the mead hall and enjoy the skills the Bardic Colleges performers. Stories? Songs? Poetry? Music? Each performance is different...can see what they have in store.

Mead Hall
13:00 - 15:00

Market Day Bardic Performance
Fiona Slattery and Friends
Come and learn about the mysterious dances of the near east while you are entertained by the motion of the dancers as the move to the rhythmic beat of the music.