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The Shire of Glenn Linn is happy to welcome the following merchants to The Great Northern Thyng 2019. We appreciate their support of our event and we hope that you will help support them through your patronage. You may visit them at the merchant square in the town center on site (see map for location).

Plunder Sisters

Contact: Ceara McAirne & Kyna [ ]

They carry a little bit of everything and are a good place to check for whatever you might need.

Find them at:

Auntie Arwen's Spices

Contact: Kinbrough Lyons [ ]

Dealing in over 300 spice blends as well as salts, peppercorns, extracts and more.

Find them at:

Merchant's Wares

Contact: Beckie Kindergan [ ]

We offer an electic collection of items. Stop in, look through our stock and you may be surprised at what you find.

Find them at:

The Shire of Niche

Contact: Lady Katryne Telgardoittir [ ]

Featuring the products of Lui na Greine Feirme & Ancient Threads Farm including Roving wool, all natural soaps, garb, beeswax candles, maple syrup and maple candy, yarn, magnets, inkle woven trim/belts, hand woven shawls, scarfs and hand towels, embroidery kits, wood products, earrings, semi-precious jewelry.

Find them at: and

Hrymgnar's New & Used Booty

Contact: Syr Hrymgnar Longsword [ ]

Featuring Leather, suede belts, pouches, antique and repro weapons, feastgear, jewelry, books and whatever other items I find to delight the SCAdian consumer.

Find them at:

Game Gnight

Contact: Galen Mac Byrne [ ]

Medieval games; modern board games with historical, medieval, fantasy, or sci-fi theme; fine chess, go, backgammon equipment; plush toys.

Find them at:

Pretty Evil Treasure Trove

Contact: Brigit inghean ui Crotaigh [ ]

We sell handmade leather goods such as: different medieval games, coin pouches, dice bags, flask corsets, flask belt bags, mug corsets, mug and drinking horn belt loops, skirt hikes, cuffs and bracelets, stamp pins, broaches, belt bags, hanging belt bags, wooden dice, dragon eggs, earrings, bookmarks, etc.

Find them at:

Miriam's Yarns and Fibers (the sari lady)

Contact: Lady Miriam Ester bat Issachar [ ]

I specializes in natural fibers for re-enactors and crafters, and includes linen, cotton, silk, hemp, nettle, cashmere, and wool. I also specialize in used silk and cotton saries.

Find them at:


Contact: þórý Veðardóttir [ ]

We sell mostly Viking goods such as Hoods, Drinking Horns, Pouches and Bags

Find them at:

Strongford Arts

Contact: Roibeard mac Neill [ ]

We deal in hand forged Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Viking Jewelry based on or directly from museum examples.

Find them at: or

Mhisty's Coven Tree

Contact: Lord Donavin Blackthorn [ ]

We have you covered for 'Traveling Basic Pagan Supplies': herbs, stones, oils, candles, incense, jewelry, Wall Hangings, alter clothes, daggers, basic garb

Find them at:


Contact: Mr. Gorman [ ]

GormanCraft deals in a wide range of wooden items, most made of wich are made from local wood that has been cut at local sawmills. We also make items are made to order!

Find them at:

Den of Amber

Contact: Diarmit e Bheithir [ ]

We sell Baltic Amber Necklaces, Bracelets, Pendants and other accouterments, leather, drinking horns and misc. period jewelry.

Find them at:

Norn Weaving

Contact: Mjadveig Gormsdottir [ ]

Norn Weaving offers small batch and custome handwoven textiles based on patterns from historical grave finds, with a heavy focus on the Viking & Migration eras. Goods include apron panels, bags, hoods, blankets, shawls, rugs and more.

Find them at:

Cloak & Dagger Creations [Saturday Only]

Contact: Lady Alinor the Single-minded [ ]

We offer Tunics & Gowns in Linen & Linen blends, Cloaks, Hoods, Garment Trim and Cloak Clasps. While we cannot bring all of our cloaks - we have over 150 on hand - so we invite folks to look at our cloaks on-line ahead of time and let us know what they would like to try on at the event. Any cloak so indicated will be discounted by 10% should you choose to purchase. We can definitely bring about 25 cloaks.

Find them at:

Arc's Emporium

Contact: Luke Wood & Tiffany Wood [ ]

Arc's Emporium is a Live Action Role Playing Store that sells a variety of fantasy and nerd culture items such as Gaming Polyhedron Dice Sets, Dice Pouches, Trading Card Game Playmats, Collectible Statues and Wax Melts.

Find them at:


Contact: Torstein J. Keyes [ ]

TransMaille is a beautiful translation of metal into wearable kinetic art, creating jewelry that simultaneously armors and adorns. Visit us for Chainmaille jewelry, accessories, and small handpainted items. While not accepting credit cards at this time, cash and checks are always welcome.

Find them at:

Chic Geek

Contact: Kolin Lent / Tricia Puckett [ ]

We deal in homemade dragon eggs, jewelry, tunics, capes, video games, collectibles, throwies, 3d printed items and more.

Find them at:

Panther Dragon Inc.

Contact: Angus Langaxe [ ]

We continue to provide great quality products at great prices including handmade leather goods, geekery, jewelry rings, necklaces, bracelets and dice

Find them at:

If you'd like to apply to be a merchant at Great Northern Thyng, please .send the following information to the e-mail address below. As of 2019 the Great Northern Thyng (GNT) is open to any and all merchants who wish to attend and sell their goods. There is currently no process to limit merchants based upon goods sold and there is no additional fee for merchanting (merchants simply pay the normal site fee), but all food merchants must have and present proof of a liability policy that lists both the event (Great Northern Thyng) and the site (Washington County Fair Ground) as named insured.

All merchants who wish to be considered *must* send the following information prior to June 10th of the year they wish to merchant at The Great Northern Thyng.

Name of Business:

Merchants Mundane Name:

Merchants SCA Name:

Overview of Items Sold:

Business Web Site:

Space Requested (in 10' by 10' blocks):

I Want Space in the Pole Barn (limited space): Y / N

I will bring my own tent / cover for the square: Y / N

I Will be camping in the merchant area: Y / N

Any Special Requests or Information:

Please Note: While there is currently no process to limit merchants based upon goods sold and there is no additional fee for merchanting, going forward into the future we hope to grow the market at this event to make it the pre-Pennsic shopping destination in the North East, or simply just the Summer shopping destination in the North East for those who do not attend Pennsic.

As the market grows, we may reach a point where merchants may need to be selected for participation based upon their products (the more unique the better) and / or other factors. Should that time come, merchants who have already participated in the market will be given consideration above those who might be new. The same will hold true should we need to start collecting a merchanting fee. Individuals who already have a history with us will have the fee initially waved and discounted after the initial period. We do not know when, or even if we will need to implement these procedures, but feel it is better to inform everyone beforehand.

At GNT 2019, in accordance with the SCA's mandate to be open to all and to provide educational activities and in compliance with both SCA and East Kingdom guidelines, we will be holding a Demo on Sunday, July 7th in conjunction with the event. The sites "Town Center" (and only the Town Center), which includes the merchant area, Mead Hall and Game Field, will be open from Noon to 4pm to the general public. This will allow interested individuals to see what the SCA has to offer without paying a full site fee or disrupting the camps and activities of those members who stay on site through Sunday. The Washington County Fair Ground will be advertising this Demo which will bring more traffic to the merchant area and hopefully additional sales. We know that this is a unique approach and if successful for us, our event attendees, the non-members who choose to attend and the merchants, may become a regular part of the event.