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Glenn Linn shield
Glenn Linn shield

The SCA is a hobby organized and operated on the local level by volunteers. This means that all activities and events that occure in the Shire of Glenn Linn rely upon the freely given time, effort and energy of our membership. Because of this, the Shire will grant awards of recognition within the shire as a way of distinguishing and thanking those individuals who have gone above and beyond the normal range of commitment in various aspects of this hobby. At this time the Shire does NOT grant any awards. Any listed below are suggested for the Shires consideration.

Glenn Linn shield


The Three Pillars symbol of recognition is earned by those individuals, both shire members and nonmembers, who work unselfishly to strengthen and support the Shire community. Unlike peerages and many other "awards" that have some form of arbitrary judging component that is above and beyond the individuals control, this recognition is earned purely and directly by the actions one takes throughout the year to benefit the Glenn Linn community as a whole.

In order to earn the Three Pillars recognition an individual must complete the requirements in three different areas of activity in the course of one calendar year. These areas are:

The Heart of the Community: The Service Pillar

The Hand of the Community: The Arts & Science Pillar

The Shield of the Community: The Martial Pillar

Symbol: Tawny with three gold column's
     Gold (or) = Generosity
     Orange (tawny) = Worthy ambition
     Column = Fortitude and constancy

The pillars represent the following:
     Center: The Heart Pillar (Service)
     Right: The Hand Pillar (Arts & Sciences)
     Left: The Shield Pillar (Martial)

The Circle Chain represents the duty and obligation that binds a community together.

The Heart of the Community
You must complete, but not repeat, any three of the following activities in a calendar year.
      Serve as an Officer or Deputy
Autocrat a Shire event
Feastocrat a Shire event
Run and staff gate for a Shire event
Assist in the setup and breakdown of a Shire event
Assist in the kitchen at a Shire event
Oversee ("MoL") a tournament or run a competition of any type
Host a Practice or Workshop
Submit two articles to the Cascadian

The Building Hand of the Community
You must complete, but not repeat, any three of the following activities in a calendar year.
      Produce a garment for the Shire Gold Key
Make a piece of decoration or regalia and display it (personal or Shire)
Make a consumable item to share (brew, cook, bake, etc.)
Produce another item and display it (i.e. a pottery bowl, jewelry, etc.)
Teach an A&S class
Entertain / Perform at a Shire event
Enter any A&S - related competition or display
Attend and participate in at least three A&S classes

The Shield that Defends the Community
You must complete, but not repeat, any three of the following activities in a calendar year.
      Participate in a martial competition at a Glenn Linn event (any form)
Have Rattan Authorization
Have Rapier Authorization
Have Combat Archery Authorization
Have Siege Authorization
Submit a Royal Round score (Archery or Thrown)
Have a published Archery Royal Round Average
Have a published Thrown Weapon Royal Round Average
Marshal an activity at an event or practice

Glenn Linn shield