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We would love to see your smiling face! But in order for us to show off the images and creative work of our populace we need the correct creative release form to accompany any submissions. The Shire Chronicler is responsible for obtaining permissions on relevant forms to publish all original content. This includes such things as creative works (art and written work) and photographs. So, if you would like to make a contribution for the Shire Web site, our newsletter the Cascadian, or any other publications the Shire may produce, you will need to accompany it with the appropriate form:

Creative Work Publication Permission Form: Used for any articles, poetry, stories, scripts, songs, artwork (including heraldic artwork) or maps.

          Creative Work Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)

Photographer Publication Permission Form: Use for any and all photographs.

          Photographer Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)

Photo Model Publication Permission Form: Before publishing a photo, the chronicler must have the photo model release forms of all subjects in the photo identifiable by their face if the image is portrait-style or the photograph is taken in a private space at an event (such as a personal encampment) or the photograph is taken at a non-public venue (such as an armor-making workshop at a home).

          Photo Model Publication Permission Form (fillable PDF)

Please submit your contributions along with the approprate release form(s) to the Shire Chronicler.

If you would like more information about the use of release forms for publication in the SCA, please read the Release Forms FAQ or visit the East Kingdom Chronicler's Office web site.

Please Note: Release forms are not required for officer letters or event notices.


1. For text, the contributor can check a box to indicate "you can edit my work". This feature is already in place in some kingdoms, with the accompanying requirement that the editor's name be published as well. The accompanying requirement is not part of the form, and it cannot be added to the form, but you can make it part of your local publication policy, if you would like.

2. This form cannot be used to grant permission to print an individual's personal information. Within the bounds of Society and kingdom policies, you can receive this information via e-mail, set up a separate permission form, etc., but that permission cannot be added to this form.

3. "Publish my work electronically" is intended for publications that are being distributed solely via e-mail, on CD, or through similar media.

4. On "publish the Work on a SCA web site for ____________", a most common answer would be "the Kingdom of Provincia", but this can also be completed as "the Barony of Magnificentia's Arts & Sciences". (This is to avoid using web addresses: Magnificentia will probably still have an Arts & Sciences page in 10 years, but the address could well have changed.)

5. The forms are part of the office and cannot be assigned to an individual office-holder. An individual office-holder's name cannot be added to the form.

6. If the individual contributor wants to add an "expiration date" (i.e., wants to say "you can publish this once before January 1, 2015" - or whatever date applies) they can do so, but otherwise it cannot be added to the form.


1. If a photographer wants to allow publication of any photo they submit, they can check the box under "Perpetual Grants of Use".

2. The statement "I agree that all of the grants of use I have given above include the right of the SCA to publish my photo in any reprint of a publication including electronic media" is designed for publications that come out in more than one format (i.e. a local newsletter that is both traditionally mailed and e-mailed).


1. Most members are happy to have their photograph used, so it is likely that the majority of the contributors will check option 1.

2. The model release form is required for all identifiable photo subjects, including royalty, so you may want to consider having the forms available at/before Crown Tourney.